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Around the Web is back and sputtering through the start of the fall semester. This September’s collection of links could have been more robust as I got out of the habit of tweeting @savageminds while I juggled all my other responsibilities. In fact I wrote this column a week ago but never clicked ‘Publish’ if that gives you a sense of where my brain’s been at lately. But never mind, it’s a new Friday and I’m turning over a new leaf and writing more links.

If you found something around the web that you’d like to share with the Savage Minds community, email me at mdthomps @ And now, to the links!

Matt Thompson is adjunct assistant professor of anthropology in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice at Old Dominion University and a student in the School of Information Science at the University of Tennessee. He was once cast as a soldier in Andrew Jackson's army in a theatrical production on an Indian reservation.

One thought on “Around the Web

  1. Thank you Matt Thompson for sharing these links, especially the one about my community, Cheran. In Mexico, a conventionalized understanding of P’urhépecha community organization in particular, and Indigenous organization in general, holds that we never had nor possess “laws”, but simply abide to “usos y costumbres” (uses and customs). Only through Western intervention are we finally under rule of law. Sadly, these ideas leak, and a many fellow P’urhe repeat such nonsense. Enough of this societal critique. Keep em coming.

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