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Getting back on track with our regular Around the Web feature, which I momentarily delayed out of courtesy to a long run of excellent guest posts, here are the links to some of the things we were reading in the month of July. Follow us @savageminds or like our Facebook page to get them on an (almost) daily basis. I’m still a bit spotty when it comes to Twitter etiquette, so apologies if I stole you’re link and didn’t give you credit. If you’ve found something around the web that you’d like to share with the Savage Minds community feel free to email me at MDTHOMPS @ ODU.EDU.

Matt Thompson is adjunct assistant professor of anthropology in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice at Old Dominion University and a student in the School of Information Science at the University of Tennessee. He was once cast as a soldier in Andrew Jackson's army in a theatrical production on an Indian reservation.

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  1. Science Vol.336, page 1488. For those who don’t have a copy handy here’s the news story–

    A cleanup of the archives of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in January yielded an unexpected treasure for the 95-year-old news service: hand-typed correspondence between JTA’s founder, Jacob Landau, and Albert Einstein. Among the yellowing letters was a 20 January 1947 statement from Einstein on scientists’ role in military research… The letters also illuminate Einstein’s ties to Landau, who founded the news service to cover the Jewish diaspora in 1917… To raise funds for a new Web site, JTA auctioned the letters at Sotheby’s last week, where they fetched $34,375.

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