Anthrosource is still #Fail

The “new” Anthrosource came out in January of 2009, and made Chris Kelty cry. In three and a half years it still hasn’t been fixed. Why not? Do the following experiment. Pick a keyword and search for it on Anthrosource. Done? How many hits did you get? OK, now go to Wiley and search just […]

Stumped by AnthroSource

Here is a blog post I was reading: Rebecca Bird and I recently wrote a brief essay in which we bemoaned this perspective, noting particularly in the case of indigenous peoples, the diagnosis of irrationality is the ticket to paternalism, allowing “marginalized people to be further marginalized and fail to reap the benefits of even […]

AnthroSource drops UC Press for Wiley-Blackwell

While the news has not been made official yet, many of us have already heard unofficially that “AnthroSource is dropping its contract with University of California Press and moving to Wiley-Blackwell”: We don’t know much about the deal so far, but at this point a couple of obvious things jump out that are worth mentioning. […]

AnthroSource Steering Committee Supports FRPAA

Eric Kansa of Digging Digitally scoops our own AnthroSource Steering Committee member, Rex: the AnthroSource Steering Committee itself has made a public statement strongly and unambiguously in favor of FRPAA (Federal Research Public Access Act). Eric has more to say, but I’ll jump write to the contents of the AnthroSource statement, which I reproduce in […]

RSS on AnthroSource

I’m not sure if anyone’s mentioned this, but in June AnthroSource added RSS feeds to each of their journals, piping tables of contents to you when each new journal comes out. This seems pretty neat, although the feeds are wacky — each post includes the title and the bibliographic details (a handful include snippets from […]

A Greased Up Platypus for Anthrosource-Google Synergy

Last year I wrote a hint about using Google to search Anthrosource. I’ve found using Google often yields faster and better results if I’m looking for a specific article. However, I find it frustrating that half of the Google results link to the citation page, while the other half link directly to the PDF (all […]

New AnthroSource Titles

From OSU’s Anthropology Resources web site: New AnthroSource content for 2006 The following four titles have now been added to AnthroSource. Culture and Agriculture City and Society Journal of Latin American Anthropology Journal of the Society for the Anthropology of Europe Coverage runs from the inaugural to the current issue. Now, why can’t AnthroSource have […]

AnthroSource RSS Feeds

I can’t tell if this is a new feature or something that has always been there under my (admittedly large) nose, but I just discovered that all the journals listed in AnthroSource have RSS feeds! Just browse to the journal you want and the link for RSS feeds is listed right at the top of […]

AnthroSource and CiteULike: back together again

Thanks to the work of Brave Leader Richard Cameron and Uberprogrammer Peter Graif, AnthroSource now plays well with CiteULike after a period of recrimination and tears. Thanks so much to Richard and Peter for taking care of this and making this great tool work once more with AnthroSource!

More on Anthrosource and the AAA

Dan Segal has posted an excellent response and explanation of how sections work in the AAA. He makes several important points. First is that there is an accounting weirdness in distinguishing between Member Dues and Journal Subscriptions–because some people buy memberships in order to get the journal, but sections have no way of knowing how […]

An AnthroSource search plugin for Firefox

After reading Kerim’s tutorial on “how to Google AnthroSource”: I tried using both Google and AnthroSource’s own built-in search function and while each have their strengths, I think overall I prefer using Google as Kerim suggests. So I created a very quick and very dirty “Firefox search plugin for Googling AnthroSource”: You can download it […]

Googling AnthroSource

Want an article fast? It turns out that Google is indexing AnthroSource. Try this trick. In Google search for: [YOUR SEARCH] Where [YOUR SEARCH] is anything you want. For instance, to find articles about Taiwan’s Aborigines you could do this search: Taiwan Aborigines That gives you 53 results, with each result being a […]