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Military Investigation Installation: posted on Coco Fusco’s piece at the Whitney Biennial. Fusco piece was a faux CIA-style manual called, A Field Guide for Female Interrogators. It explores the role of female military personnel and prisoner torture in the War on Terror. For those unfamiliar with Fusco’s work, you may want to check out the Couple in a Cage documentary on her 1992 performance piece at the Chicago Field Museum.

Philosophy and the Social: This post at UnderstandingSociety explores a rubric for how philosophy can be successfully integrated into social science. Apparently, it’s more complicated than picking 5 sentences from one’s favorite theorist and slapping it over some ethnographic description. While the discussion tends to skew a little to far into law-based or generalizable social theory (at least for most mainstream anthropological taste), it’s still an interesting read.

In other interdisciplinary news… Jennifer at wrote a brief think piece on the connections between anthropology (or ethnography?) and business.

It’s a small Google World: So, admittedly, I don’t know what GIS is, what it does, etc. All I know is that my archaeo-friends use it and need it. And from the emails I get on training sessions, it seems complicated. According to a post on, however, Google Earth may be as good for mapping terrain as specialized GIS applications. Now armed with our Kindle, Skype, and Google, fieldwork has never been easier. (And don’t forget all the cool new toys Kerim mentioned last week).

The Culture in Your Water: A current article on Slate examines the eco-argument against bottled water and traces the historical development of consumption of bottled water.

No Results: Jovan at Culture Matters posted a piece on self-censorship of a health research database which is reliant upon U.S. federal funding.

The Last Word: InsideHigherEd reports on the theology department at Marquette University, which sent a letter to the University administration arguing that giving adjunct faculty health benefits is inline with the bible’s teachings. Amen.