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Live and direct from the Comfort Suites in Charleston, West Virginia, it’s Around the Web with Savage Minds!

Tomorrow is the last day of our cross-country family road trip and I’m happy to report that reuniting our adopted daughter with her birth-brother and sister went off without a hitch. Also we paid a visit to the Chicago Art Institute and the Field Museum, both of which were totally mind blowing.

I’m catching up on all my blog reading right now and feeling a bit like I’m drinking from the fire hose. So this week I’ll be linking you to some older material and without providing commentary. Next week back to the regular Around the Web you know and love.


Fieldwork and Observation




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Matt Thompson

Matt Thompson is Project Cataloger at The Mariners’ Museum in Newport News, Virginia, and currently working on a CLIR ‘hidden collections’ grant to describe the museum’s collection of early 20th Century photography. He has a doctorate in anthropology from the University of North Carolina and a Masters in information science from the University of Tennessee.

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  1. Phew, that’s some fast blogging! I’m going to sneak back into my hotel room now, hopefully without waking the kids. I need a good night’s rest for another seven hours of driving back to Newport News. See you next week!

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