Hacking the AAA II – Book Edition

My school’s library doesn’t have a very large collection, but they’ll buy almost anything I request. So when I go to the AAA book room now I’m happy to order almost anything that seems like it might be of interest. But it takes time to write down all the information about each book, and it’s a very big room. My solution? I use Evernote on my iPhone to snap photos of the book covers. I can write them down later (or better yet, have my RA do it for me).

Another advantage is that Evernote does OCR on the text in these photos so I can actually find them by search. It isn’t perfect, but its helpful.

Did you discover any great books at this year’s AAA? Or have any thoughts about some of the books I’ve listed above? Maybe you have your own book which just came out? Let us know in the comments!