Awards Ceremony Reminder and Winners!

Just a reminder that there will be a mini-ceremony and Savage Minds sit-in in the Lobby of the conference hotel Saturday at 6pm. I’ve been scouring the Fishermans Wharf tourist shops for quality prizes. In the interest of having some award recipients present (and since the results aren’t exactly secret), it’s time for a pre-announcement. And the winners are….

Most Excellent Blog
Runner up:
Most Win: Culture Matters

Most Excellent OA Journal
Runner Up: Cultural Analysis
Most Win: Anthopology Matters

Most Excellent Blog or Journal that does not end in “Matters” (The Category formerly known as Most Excellent Unclassifiable Digital Thingamajob)
Runner Up: Digital Anthropology
Most Win: Neuroanthropology

If you know the winners, let them know… and if any representatives are here at the conference, we hope to meet you tomorrow!


Christopher M. Kelty is a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. He has a joint appointment in the Institute for Society and Genetics, the department of Information Studies and the Department of Anthropology. His research focuses on the cultural significance of information technology, especially in science and engineering. He is the author most recently of Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software (Duke University Press, 2008), as well as numerous articles on open source and free software, including its impact on education, nanotechnology, the life sciences, and issues of peer review and research process in the sciences and in the humanities.