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Hello everyone!

Last week I started an internship here at Savage Minds for managing SM’s social media accounts. This post is just a self-introduction and a little blurb about what I’ll do here. So, ‘hi, my pleasure!’ My name is Caio Coelho (yes, my last name means ‘bunny’), I’m a visual anthropologist from Brazil (Porto Alegre). Before starting to work on Savage Minds’ social media, I had already been working for the social media team of HAU: Journal of ethnographic theory (I still work there, by the way), I also work as lecturer at UNISINOS.

My work for Savage Minds will be to manage and curate what we post on Facebook and Twitter, posting anthropology-related news and blog articles, as well as revisiting older posts of SM through the #MindsArchive hashtag. I also intend to make an effort to draw attention to SM’s special series and guest bloggers. But, most importantly, I plan to turn the account into more than just a bunch of links. I want to engage with our audience, having anthropological discussions over social media.

So, please, feel free to @-us or tag us with what you’re reading and propose new topics for us to discuss. See you around the web! xo

Caio Coelho

Caio Coelho works with visual anthropology and history of landscape and teaches documentary photography and culture at Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos/UNISINOS in Brazil. He contributes as social media intern to Savage Minds and to HAU: journal of ethnographic theory as editorial assistant. You can find him on twitter @caogris.

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