Around the Web Digest- September 25

As anthropologists in the U.S. prepare for the barrage of racist costumes at the end of October, we here at Savage Minds offer you some readings for the week!

In a hearing world, sign language confronts the linguistic conventions that dominate “bodily expressiveness”. How can the spaces we create be designed with the deaf and heard of hearing in mind?

Christine Moellenberndt, your local anthropologist at Reddit answers questions on the culture of online communities in this podcast for Marketplace.

As climate change continues in the anthropocene, can astrobiology offer insight into the futures of humanity?

As iPhone users live their life without a headphone jack, the global trade of cobalt stem used in many electronics come from dangerous mines in the Congo.

At Billingsgate Fish Market in the U.K.,Dawn Lyon details the stakes of the aesthetics of fisherman’s catch in such a competitive market.

See you next week!