We’re Hiring a Social Media Intern!


We’re hiring! Are anthropology blogs and news part of your daily intake of internet media? Are you Twitter/Facebook/Instagram savvy? Then we’re looking for you!

Savage Minds is currently looking for a Social Media Intern.

The responsibilities of the Social Media Intern include sharing new and topical anthropology blog articles, anthropology-related and anthropology-relevant news articles, journal abstracts, memes, photos, etc. through our social media outlets (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), while maintaining a sort of social media voice or personality for Savage Minds (e.g. a sense of humor).

Ideally, the Social Media Intern already consumes of these sorts of media and has the spare time to fit in the sharing part. Undergraduates and recent graduates are highly encouraged to apply. (Speaking from experience, I did my internship with Savage Minds in my time between finishing my BA and starting my PhD.)

Unfortunately the job does not pay (money), but social capital is almost guaranteed (only valid with those that are impressed by an affiliation with Savage Minds). Savage Minds is willing to provide letters of recommendation after six months of service. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, after 12 months of service, the Social Media Intern has the opportunity to become a full-time writer for Savage Minds (which is what I did).

Applicants should email me (richard.powis@gmail.com) with a short paragraph about who you are and why you’re qualified, a recent CV, and links to your social media accounts.


Dick Powis

Dick Powis is a PhD Candidate in Anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis, and is also pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. His research interests include men and childbirth, prenatal screening technologies, and reproductive health in urban settings in Senegal. Read more at dickpowis.com.

3 thoughts on “We’re Hiring a Social Media Intern!

  1. We’ve received some questions and concerns, here and elsewhere, about the issue of payment, i.e. there is none. This is an unpaid internship, that is true. Here, it is worth noting that all writers for Savage Minds – full-time contributors, guest bloggers, invited bloggers and book reviewers – are unpaid. We do not ask for donations to help defray the costs of maintaining servers or incentivize our work. We do not run advertisements, and therefore we do not receive ad revenue. And with the exception of very few departments of anthropology in the United States (two, maybe?), we do not receive any credit for blogging when on the tenure-track. At the very least, all I can think of is that we receive review copies of books when we do book reviews, which is common practice whether in blogs or journal publications. Websites like SM cost money, so how do we do it? All full-time contributors – not guest bloggers, invited bloggers, nor interns – pay out of their own pockets and out of their own fleeting windows of time. Trust us: if we had money and a budget – if SM was an LLC or a 501(c)3, for instance – we’d pay our interns (and ourselves)! But we’re not. We’re professionals engaged in what essentially amounts to a pet project for which we are all very passionate.

  2. Any estimate as to how much “spare time” is to be invested as an intern (e.g. a certain number of posts per week, a social media update expected every day)?

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