Around the Web Digest- Week of May 5

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With the first week of Ramadan complete, many Muslims are breaking fast as the sun sets. However, Muslims who live with eating disorders face the demands of managing mental health, body image, and a devotion to Islam.

The lack of intervention on sexual harassment within the academy have led prominent feminist scholar Sara Ahmed to resign from her position at Goldsmiths UniversityFeminist Academic Collective asks what needs to be done for universities to stop protecting abusers due to “genius”, but protect those who are harmed.

Speaking of gender politics, Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi who is in legal trouble due to her vulva-themed sculptures has been found guilty of obscenity. The decision due to the data on the 3-D printed work being made public, not the sculptures themselves. The case offers insight into the intersections of the legality of art, interrogations of gender norms, and politics of data distribution.

For many low-income areas throughout the U.S., McDonald’s becomes a haven for creating community. The articles depicts the creative ways people interact with the fast-food chain to socialize, find support, and survive under capitalism.

Sunday’s tragedy in Orlando at Pulse Nightclub follows a history of violence against queer spaces in the U.S. Acknowledging the importance of spaces for queer people in finding community and safety is of critical importance. However, in opposition to the coming Islamophobia, we must not to forget that queer Muslims exist and offer a counter to sensationalized media tearing these communities apart.

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