The anthropologies revival (call for ideas and submissions)

It’s time to bring the anthropologies project back to life.  The project was on “sabbatical” all of last year while I was working on turning an unfinished dissertation into a done dissertation. Now it’s time to bring it back, and I’m looking for people to take part. Here are the (tentative) ideas I have for the next few issues:

  1. Issue on the social, environmental, and political implications of climate change (with, hopefully, contributions from archaeologists, cultural anthropologists, linguistic anthros and ???).
  2. Anthropological perspectives on the food we eat–what it means, where it comes from, what it does to us (would be great to have cultural, archaeological, and bio-anth perspectives here).
  3. An anthropology of home/housing/shelter (I imagine a broad anthropological take on the idea of home/shelter that spans from the present to the past. Again, here it would be great to have submissions from across anthropology. I keep thinking of submissions about the meaning of the contemporary Tiny House movement alongside archaeological takes on rock shelters. Maybe some cross-cultural stuff on housing, economics, and use of space?? A revisit of Bourdieu’s The Berber House? Mix it up!).

Interested? Send me an email! Have some ideas? Email me!! In order to bring anthropologies back I’m going to need some help. I will announce more specific dates for upcoming issues and themes soon.

Here’s some info on contributing and submitting to anthropologies:


One of the main goals of the anthropologies project is to encourage participation from a wide range of people. This means we seek ideas and submissions from people who are connected with anthropology (and social science) at various levels and in a variety of ways. While the editors do solicit submissions for each issue, we also highly encourage unsolicited contributions. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to ryan@savageminds dot org. Let us know which issue you have in mind, and provide a brief synopsis of the idea you have in mind for your contribution. Contributions are accepted based on relevance to topic and writing quality. We reserve the right to deny submissions based on quality of writing and fit with theme/other contributions. All upcoming themes will be announced on Savage Minds. If you have suggestions, thoughts, or other ideas that you would like to share with us, don’t be shy, send us an email. We’d love to hear from you.

Submission guidelines

The word limit for submissions is anywhere between 500-1500. Essays can be written in a more formal academic style, as personal essays, or as opinion pieces. The style is up to the contributors themselves. Please send all photos as separate attachments in JPEG format. Lastly, we use a modified version of the AAA style guide for all references. The only change is with the formatting of the author and date. Here’s an example:

Asad, Talal. 1993. Genealogies of religion: Discipline and reasons of power in Christianity and Islam. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

Please email all submissions, questions, ideas, or inquiries to:

Thanks for your interest in anthropologies!


Ryan Anderson is a cultural and environmental anthropologist. His current research focuses on coastal conservation, sustainability, and development in the Californias. He also writes about politics, economics, and media. You can reach him at ryan AT savageminds dot org or @anthropologia on twitter.

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  1. Hi. I just tweeted re Ryan’s email and you all responded. The page works fine. I tried to send a query for a piece for Anthropologies to Ryan at the email address listed above and it bounced. So did the general contact email.

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