Recipes for your National Anthropology Day

National Anthropology Day is on. The response on social media has been overwhelming. After a massive airdrop by the US of copies of The Nuer over Eastern Ukraine, guns have been silenced — although how long can it be before Putin begins distributing copies of Divinity and Experience: The Religion of the Dinka to Russian-speaking dissidents? At any rate, since I know many of you are in the middle of preparing for tonight’s festivities, I thought I’d include some helpful anthropological chocolate minty goaty electrical Chinese New Year related recipes.

These recipes come from random people posting them to me on Facebook, so they are totally unrepresentative of anthropology in general and just representative of the people I’m friends with on Facebook. If something sounds unusual or new, give it a shot!

Cocktails for National Anthropology Day

Mint Chocolate Goat Cheese Baijiu Bomb
Dick Powis
Place one small ball of goat cheese in the bottom of a shot glass. Fill shot glass with baijiu. Drop shot glass into a pint of Perennial 17 Mint Chocolate Stout. You’re welcome.

Lychee Mojito
James Crippen
Make a lychee mojito. Add a splash of goat milk and garnished with a Girl Scout thin mint. DISCLAIMER: I haven’t actually tried this, but it sounds harmless enough. Lychee because I can’t think of any other compatible Chinese signifier.

The Goat Fucker
Jonathan Padwe
Take one bottle of pretty good tequila (Gran Dovejo Reposado or similar). Add 7 to 10 cacao beans. Store for two weeks, gently agitating once or twice a week. Add one Szechuan hot pepper (the long dry red kind) and store for one more week. Stick in the freezer one day prior to serving. Pour over ice and garnish with mint. Share the bottle with a friend. You will learn why it is called a goat fucker when you are finished.

The ‘I Will Share This Recipe With You Only If You Give My Jewelry Business A Ridiculous Plug
Shera Chee Mercer
In a blender, add creme de cacao, creme de menthe, oreos, cream, and ice. Blend until smooth. Garnish with a plastic goat made in China.

Recipes for National Anthropology Day

Sagoli Mangxo Jol (Assam Style Goat Curry in Mayong)
Sea Dowdy
Mix meat (any “edible” parts), bone, spice (garlic, ginger, bhut jolokia, cumin, onion), potato, and water in a wok over an earthen fire. Cook for a really long time (meaning 30 minutes). Take pegs 
of pokka modh/sulai (triple distilled rice wine) while stirring and cooking. Electricity is not working so forget it. Turn the music up on your mobile phone (battery life should be about 20 minutes). Drink more modh. Serve goat on banana leaf and eat meat, potato, and bone off of it while drinking more modh (n.b. do not do this alone; also only do this with conspecifics in age and gender). Electricity still isn’t working. Finish pegs and goat meats and bones, then go to the aakhol ghor to eat actual dinner (with lots of rice). Try to not let your classificatory father’s younger brother know that you are drunk (hint: he knows). Finish dinner. Chew tamol paan and smoke a cigarette. Walk down to the village store before 10 pm and buy one Vick’s “menthol” cough drop and a Cadbury chocolate piece (Rs. 4). Eat both at the same time. Tell Digonto he is a “kela” for not eating the goat with you. Smoke a cigarette. Walk home. No electricity. Time to sleep.

“PNG Powa” Goroka Blackout Apinun (evening meal)
Barbara Anderson
Power goes out at 5:45 and there’s no gas left in the tank. Walk (quickly, sun is setting) to the Myanma trade store and buy one plastic of scones, one packet chicken biscuits, and one tin of duck (if y
ou can find any–corned beef if not). Run home as quickly as possible. Steal a ripe avocado off the lawn of the convent next door. Assemble tin meat + avocado + biscuits into sandwich. Eat with extra salt. When the power comes back on, boil some tea (3 spoons sugar) and drink with scones.




Alex Golub is an associate professor of anthropology at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. His book Leviathans at The Gold Mine has been published by Duke University Press. You can contact him at

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