Seeking New Around the Web Intern for 2015

[UPDATED: Added a FAQ at the bottom of the post.]

With Dick Powis now a full time contributor, Savage Minds is looking for someone to fill his shoes as our Around the Web editor. This position is called an “internship” because we see it as a way to cultivate new talent. (Also because it isn’t paid, but then nobody here is paid.) Doing the weekly roundups is not only a great way to force yourself to pay closer attention to the anthro blogosphere, but it also gives you a seat at the table behind-the-scenes at Savage Minds, helping select guest bloggers and discussing the future of the blog. Interns are encouraged to blog as well – but it isn’t required. Full time contributors like Dick Powis and Matt Thompson started out as Around the Web interns, but there is no requirement to stick around more than a year if you don’t want to. (We hope you do…)

The Around the Web feature always works best when it isn’t just a random list of links but somehow reflects the personality and interests of the person editing it. Dick, Matt, and Jay before them each managed to do this in their own way, and we are looking for someone who can manage this trick as well. We strongly encourage women and minorities to apply.

To apply email me (Kerim) at with the subject line “Around the Web Internship.” The application should contain a cover letter (as the body of your email) with a short biographical statement and an explanation of why you want the position, a sample weekly roundup, and a copy of your CV. If you have a blog and/or a non-academic writing sample (by which I mean writing about academic issues for a general audience), feel free to include that as well, but it isn’t required. Submissions will close on February 18th, and a short list of candidates will be contacted for a phone or Skype interviews before we announce our final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the CV have to be anthro-focused?

Because we are looking for early-career anthropologists, we don’t expect you to have a lot of anthro-related experience on your CV. Don’t worry about that and just put down whatever you think is relevant.

Q: How many hours a week will it require?

That really depends a lot on whether you are in the habit of reading anthropology related news and blogs on a daily basis. If you bookmark a few pieces every day then all you need to do at the end of the week is pick your favorites and say a word or two about each one as you write up your post (see previous examples linked above to see what this looks like). However, if you don’t normally read anthropology blogs and you count that as part of the work, then you would want to factor in that extra reading you will be doing.

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  1. The deadline was the 18th and we have since narrowed it down to a list of three finalists who are being interviewed this week. Hopefully we will have an announcement next week!

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