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If you’re already following @savageminds or liking us on FB then you had the chance to read Kerim tweet:

The following Brilliant Anthropological Insight™ comes to you courtesy of Bronislaw Kasper Malinowski (cont’d)…
“Two human beings of different sex who are engaged in the business of reproduction…cannot be separated by a great distance in space.”

For those of you not being bombarded by our extraordinary insights and clever #timewasters here’s your chance to catch up on what we were reading in the month of November. Note that last month was the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association and so I chose to be selective in which conference related tweets got preserved in the digest. If you’ve seen something around the web that you’d like to share with the Savage Minds community, email me MDTHOMPS @ ODU.EDU.

Matt Thompson

Matt Thompson is Project Cataloger at The Mariners’ Museum in Newport News, Virginia, and currently working on a CLIR ‘hidden collections’ grant to describe the museum’s collection of early 20th Century photography. He has a doctorate in anthropology from the University of North Carolina and a Masters in information science from the University of Tennessee.

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  1. I’m so pleased to hear that people read these things and find them useful/ entertaining! If readers have thoughts concerning how the Around the Web feature could be improved please leave them here or email me directly.

  2. Matt, I don’t know how the pointer to Who Has Been A Successful Public Intellectual? Randall Collins explains it all for us became a pointer to two papers on World of Warcraft by Alex Golub (our own dearly beloved Rex)—but I’m awfully glad they did. Everyone here should read those papers.

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