Welcome guest blogger Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson is currently a third year cultural anthropology graduate student at the University of Kentucky. His dissertation research focuses on the politics and conflicts that pervade tourism development in Baja California Sur. Before anthropology, Ryan spent several years studying and practicing photography and working toward a career in the fine art world. Then he came to his senses and took up anthropology. After his initial training in archaeology (which is still ingrained in his thinking to this day), Ryan eventually found his way to cultural anthropology.

Ryan bloggs at Ethnografix and is behond the wonderful Anthropologies project.

For his guest posts on Savage Minds Ryan will focus on some of the relationships between anthropology and photography–methodological, political, theoretical, and otherwise. He writes:

I started off studying photography before I eventually gravitated to anthropology, and I am constantly looking for ways to bring the two together. In fact, that’s the long term plan. For my posts I would like to explore some of the issues with using photography in anthropological contexts.

Welcome Ryan!

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