Around the Web moves to Twitter

I’m changing the format of Around the Web. I’ve had some difficulty keeping the feature regular, especially during busy times of the semester. It’s not for want of links – I have pages of them to share! By moving to Twitter I hope to get the links to our readers in a more timely manner. If you aren’t already following Savage Minds on Twitter consider this your invitation.

See you in the Twitterverse!

Matt Thompson

Matt Thompson is Project Cataloger at The Mariners’ Museum in Newport News, Virginia, and currently working on a CLIR ‘hidden collections’ grant to describe the museum’s collection of early 20th Century photography. He has a doctorate in anthropology from the University of North Carolina and a Masters in information science from the University of Tennessee.

4 thoughts on “Around the Web moves to Twitter

  1. RE: Fresh Squeezed: Orange Juice and the Invisibility of Workers

    There is yet another story of commoditized nature turned people-less: Fiji Water.

    I did a bit of research and you can read more here …. and trace the long saga of how it came to be that a bottle of water from Fiji awaits you in any middle-of-nowhere spot in Europe and North America.

    [Links are welcome here as this is an “around the web” related post, but the comments section is not a blogging platform. – Savage Minds]

  2. Gee, I used to enjoy your web site, until you decided to have a “web presence” that shuts out a portion of your audience.

  3. Thank you. I was a little testy yesterday, I suppose. Although I have no background in anthropology, I do enjoy your site. Carry on, then.

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