#AAA2010 FTW!

This year was a breakout year for the use of Twitter at the AAA. The ease of Tweeting via SMS or over 3G networks meant that limited wifi access wasn’t a problem. According to Summarizr, there were over 1031 tweets using the #AAA2010 hashtag.

80% (824) of the tweets in this TwapperKeeper archive were made by 28% (56) of the twitterers.

The top 10 (5%) twitterers account for 31% (326) of the tweets.

49% (96) of the twitterers only tweeted once.

It was also great meeting some of you at the SavageMinds party!

3 thoughts on “#AAA2010 FTW!

  1. Whoo-hoo, I made the top ten twitterers! It would have been more but for the miserable lack of connectivity in the Marriott.

  2. In my experience, the association’s decision not to pay for wifi at the 2010 meetings created several problems.

    Though wifi was accessible in the Marriott for 4 hours daily, only guests could get it at the Sheraton. Even guests at the Sheraton could only get the connection in their room, or on the main floor. This meant that people wanting to use youtube or photos from an online source in their presentations could not. I saw this technological issue destroy at least one paper.

    Furthermore, though of us who are employed graduate students and rely on email for work purposes were left essentially stranded.

    Those of us doing fieldwork outside of the U.S. that have phones on international carriers, but that have free access to wifi could also not benefit.

    I think the least the association could do is provide free wifi to paying members who make significant effort (largely at their own expense) to travel to the annual meetings and contribute to our discipline.

  3. Agreed, Jeff. Contrary to the twitterers’ post above, thousands of the meetings’ attendees had neither 3G nor wifi access. AAA’s decision to not provide wifi at its conference effectively left a tremendous chunk of America’s anthropologists technologically stranded. In a year highlighting “circulation” we encountered a communication dead end. Sign the petition on Facebook!

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