Welcome Simone Abram

Back-to-back guest blogging goodness here at Savage Minds this month. I’d like to tank Michael Powell for sparking lots of interesting discussion and, in the same breath, welcome our new guest blogger: Simone Abram.

Simone Abram is currently doing participant observation on employment practices in UK universities, but she’s not planning to write it up just now. She’d rather be thinking about houses, of various kinds, how they’re planned, built, occupied, decorated, heated, left vacant, shared, sold or inherited.

She has two books due for publication in 2011, a monograph currently called Culture and Planning and an volume edited with Gisa Weszkalnys called Elusive Promises: Planning in the Contemporary World.

She will be writing about houses, policies and governments, mostly in the UK but possibly elsewhere too. And about Anthropology, of course.

One thought on “Welcome Simone Abram

  1. Wonderful. Great topics and a nice follow on to Michael’s provocative discussion of how supermarkets are planned and stocked. Food, now shelter, what could be more anthropologically basic. Welcome Simone.

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