Welcome Matthew Thompson

Three cheers for Matthew, who will be joining us next week as SM’s new assistant editor, writing the “Savage Minds Around the Web” column and just being an all-around great human being.   Maybe all of that is a tall order, but I think Matthew can handle it.  He describes himself thus:

I completed my PhD in the anthropology department of UNC-Chapel Hill December 2009 and currently live in Newport News, VA.My interests in anthropology include American Indian studies, art and display, how people relate to the past, and issues of power. I am very active in SANA, the Society for the Anthropology of North America, where I sat on the executive board as a graduate student. I’m also involved in the American Studies Association.  I am a Chicano, born and raised in Texas. I went to a gradeless hippie school called New College for undergrad but came home to marry my high school sweetheart. Outside of academics I spend most of my time with my three daughters. I enjoy smoking Texas barbeque, reading comic books, and concocting elaborate rum drinks.

In a few minutes, I’ll publish Matthew’s first post.  And for those of you who are celebrating, don’t think you’ve shaken me off quite yet.  I’ll be popping up with a post now and then.

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