The Essentials of the Facebook Ring

Two Facebook partners have to friend one another, and exchange “likes” and links incidentally; they behave as friends, and have a number of mutual duties and obligations, which vary with the distance between their real life homes and with their reciprocal status. An average user has a few friends nearby, as a rule his co-workers, or his family, and with these contacts he is on very friendly terms. The Facebook friendship is one of the special bonds which unite two people into one of the standing relations of mutual exchange of social reputation which is so characteristic of these digital natives. Again, the average person will have one or two celebrities in his network with whom they are “friends. In such a case they would be expected to serve them in various ways, such as becoming a “fan” and to share links to any new media these celebrities might post to their fan pages.

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  1. Blogging at its best. A place for semi-conscious revelation. I am so into whatever this intuited fieldnote means. Between my Mutual Friends as Culture post and this we may have 24% of a good idea.

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