Welcome Adam Fish and New Interview Project

We here at Savage Minds are happy to announce that Adam Fish has gone savage and become a full-member of the team. Originally brought on as a guest-blogger during a 2009 film fieldtrip to Palestine, Adam has been an enthusiastic contributor to the site and we look forward to more of his thought provoking contributions. He is a PhD student at UCLA investigating new media social entrepreneurs and other technolibertarians. He is also a documentary filmmaker. Find out more about his research and film projects here, see a list of his posts here.

Adam will initiate an untitled monthly interview project where he will talk each month with someone doing provocative ethnographic research. An example would be this fascinating interview Adam did for the Archaeology Channel with Mercedes Doretti, a forensic archaeologist who worked at every known location of genocide and mass murder in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Welcome Adam! If readers have any suggestions for potential interviewees please contact him directly at rawbird@gmail.com

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