Overheard at the AAA

This Chronicle post has been making the rounds on Twitter:

The following comments were overheard in the hallways at the annual American Anthropological Association meeting, happening right now in a confusingly designed Marriott in downtown Philadelphia:

“Ugh. I would love to get that but I know that it’s highly competitive.”

“Once I get my career back on track I will always make more money than him.”

“I made so many contacts in the last hour it’s fantastic.”

“Have you heard about the porn musical?”

“I was like, hey, I’m a Yale grad student.”

“You can position yourself so you’ll benefit or at least not suffer.”

“Basically I just put a book proposal on his desk.”

“So they take all your clothes and you’re just standing there.”

“I do have health benefits because my wife has an excellent package.”

“I don’t think we’re going to have dinner. We’ve had our fill of each other.”

“I love her. She’s crazy. She should be Jewish.”

“I wouldn’t, you know, freak out, throw your hands up and run around in circles.”

“Wow, you really are a nerd.” —Thomas Bartlett

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