Isuma TV

Faye Ginsburg, one of the leading anthropologists on the topic of global indigenous media, has a post on In Media Res about the two latest projects from Igloolik Isuma, the folks behind the wonderful movie Atanarjuat The Fast Runner:

Their most recent film (see clip),   Before Tomorrow (2008, Arnait women’s collective), is gathering prizes on its festival run. The group formed in 1990, turning televisual technologies into vehicles for cultural expression of Inuit lives and histories,  a counterpoint to the introduction of mainstream satellite-based television into the Canadian Arctic.  Headed by director Zacharias Kunuk, Isuma engages  Igloolik  community members while filmmaker and Isuma partner Norman Cohn leads a support team in Montreal. Frustrated by the difficulty of  showing work to other Inuit communities, in 2008,  they launched a groundbreaking alternative for indigenous distribution, Isuma TV, a free internet video portal for global indigenous media, available to local audiences and worldwide viewers.

The post is followed by comments from Pam Wilson, who writes about other new outlets for indigenous media online:

The increase in opportunities for distribution of native-produced media, either on Isuma TV and other websites or on nationwide television cable channels in Canada (APTN:,  New Zealand (Maori TV:, Taiwan (Taiwan Indigenous TV: or Australia (National Indigenous Television: has kick-started and sparked a political, social, and artistic renaissance of visual media production of new proportions.

If you know of other, similar projects please share them in the comments!

UPDATE: Video in the Villages has a YouTube Channel!