Happy Open Access Anthropology Day!

Happy Open Access Anthropology Day!

UPDATE: See the Anthropologi.info overview of Open Access Anthropology Journals.

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  1. FYI. The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) [=the final link] is a crucial and very valuable resource but it is incomplete relative to the total constellation of gold OA journals available in any field, including in anthropology. Museum Anthropology Review, which I edit, provides one illustration. MAR has yet to be accepted for inclusion in DOAJ because it has, to the DOAJ’s staff’s eyes, an unacceptable proportion of editorially reviewed materials such as book and exhibition reviews relative to peer-reviewed articles. In our case, this will change with time and hopefully MAR will come to be included in DOAJ, but I wanted to note the issue so as to clarify that DOAJ is not a complete union list of gold OA journals. (The distinction between gold and green OA is crucial here too. For information on the distinction, see SHERPA/RoMEO.)

    Thanks Kerim for your constant support of OA anthropology.

  2. Happy Anthropology Open Access Day! and Thanks to Savage Minds for the place it occupies online!

    I agree on the incompleteness of DOAJ but it is good to see a larger non-english number of OA Journals! They may help us in reflect on the different pedagogic and philosophical traditions (for example in Latin America)that have given emphasis on openness and sharedness in producing anthropological knowledge for long time before online OA.

    Felicitats a l’ Antropologia Oberta i Accesible a tots!

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