Tristes Tropiques

Via Gary Yuen, a French documentary film about Tristes Tropiques which includes extensive interviews with Levi-Strauss. Unfortunately (for me) no English subtitles:

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  1. There is another sense of tristes tropiques, and that is the lawsuit by two Papua New Guinea men against Jared Diamond: “Daniel Wemp and Henep Isum file a summons and sue for 10 million dollars in the Supreme Court of the State of New York–charge famed UCLA scientist and best-selling author Jared Diamond and Advance Publications (aka The New Yorker magazine and Times-Picayune newspaper) with defamation, April 20, 2009.

    The suit follows on an article about tribal revenge practices that Diamond published in the New Yorker (April 21, 2008), claiming that he lied about their killing people and made up other material.
    The owner of went to New Guinea in July of 2008 to investigate.
    The whole sorry tale can be found on her website:

    “Henep Isum is not paralyzed in a wheelchair with a spinal injury, as Diamond claimed. He and Daniel Wemp, Diamond’s World Wildlife Fund driver in 2001-2002, and the only source for The New Yorker’s revenge story in Papua New Guinea, as well as dozens of tribal members and police officials, deny Diamond’s entire tale about the bloody Ombal and Handa war, calling it “untrue.”

  2. FYI For the Record– sent local indigenous scholars to interview Henep Isum, Daniel Wemp and others in the Southern Highlands …I have not been to PNG yet.


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