Savage Minds Around the Web

Queer Search Patterns Afoot on  Buzz is that has implemented an algorithm to remove ‘adult’ books from its sales rankings.  Apparently, Amazon has categorized many books with ‘sex’ in the title or keywords to be ‘adult,’ garnering the ire of the Erotic Writer’s association, and also adversely affecting gender, sexuality and LGBT categorized books. According to Publisher’s Weekly, Amazon has described the pattern as a ‘glitch,’ and declared that there is ‘no adult policy.’  Other authors have reported that Amazon employees told them their books had been tagged, or that Amazon employees were caught by surprise by this new (non?) policy.  People are also beginning to organize against Amazon.  

Protests at University of Vermont:  UVM students, faculty, and staff are become increasingly agitated over the administrations proposed budget cuts, which include one hundred and seven lectureship contracts that will not be renewed for the 2009-2010 school year.  

Time for Money: Commenting on recent rumblings that U.S. federal funding agencies like NSF will begin to evaluate how to make their funding more conducive to qualitative research in the social sciences, danah boyd at apophenia questions just what money qualitative researchers actually need.  boyd suggests that the obsession with getting grants to prove your merit does not always improve scholarship and takes away from other activities like teaching.  

Body of Literature:  Euguene Raikhel at Somatosphere collected a number of resources and created a list of recommendations for Teaching Anthropology of the Body.  

In Memoriam: Eve Kosofsky Sedgewick, author of Epistemology of the Closet (which currently doesn’t have a sales ranking at Amazon) passed away last night.  She is already missed.  (Also see Duke U Press’s press release).