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Latour on the Restructuring of French Universities: Pal Nyiri at Culture Matters explains the current strike of French faculty in protest over proposed reforms (or dismantling, take your pick) of the national university system.  Nyiri  also relays recent criticisms Bruno Latour has made against the proposed reforms and French government about the situation in Le Monde.  [Update: Thanks, ponocrates, for your comment.  My poor (or rather non-existent) French prohibits me from commenting on what Latour has said.]

Have Spiel, Will Travel: Mark Dawson has an offer for you.  After participating with HTS for nine months in Iraq, he is leaving over poor management of the program.  Now back in North America, Dawson has decided to tour the States and Canada coming to whatever college classroom will invite him to talk about his time with HTS.  Read more about Dawson’s measured enthusiasm for HTS and his classroom tour here.

Go, Go Gadget Recording Pen Paper Piano: Michael Wesch from Digital Ethnography blogged on the new smart pen from livescribe.  The pen records audio as you take notes and can play back the audio when you put its infared sensor over a particular line in text.  Wesch uses his students to test out the classroom uses of the pen, but it could be a fun fieldwork gizmo too.

Warning Signs: Kalman Applbaum at Somatosphere posted a fantastic and in-depth post on the difficulties of policing pharmaceutical claims and holding companies responsible for their products.  Applbaum’s description of Merck’s drug Vioxx shows the dangerous connections between the marketing and experimenting of new pharmaceuticals.

Preparedness In case of Ethnography…Lorenz over at reads the work of recent University of Bergen (Norway) MA Uy Ngoc Bui and her work on a disaster relief case in Vietnam.  This leads Lorenz to conclude that we need an anthropology of disasters that would address: the role of the state in emergency measures, globalization and relief NGOs, and the role of global warming in local climates.

Well, it’s the end of the term this week, and so I know I didn’t have time to include more stories that could be talked about.  Feel free to leave comments with links to other posts or email me with content for future installments.

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  1. I would like to say that Bruno Latour did not publicly criticize Sarkozy’s government about the “reforms” of university. He rather criticized the public position of his colleagues who are striking, casting them as lovers of the statu quo, despite the numerous alternative propositions that has been made for long.

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