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David Price interviewed Roberto González about González’s new book American Counterinsurgency: Human Science and the Human Terrain (Prickly Paradigm Press, 2009). In the interview, González walks through the intellectual genealogy of HTS in military theory and the inherent conservative (or retrograde) theoretical approaches of Montgomery McFate and her cohort.

Thinking Sex on My Space: Sometimes its upsetting how relevant Gayle Rubin is. danah boyd at apophenia writes on the recent hype in the U.S. Attorney General’s office on how many sex offenders have been removed from My Space, which boyd rightly identifies as a fear campaign directed at the American public.

Watching one’s Words: Geoffrey Pullum at Language Log surveys the outbursts of British personalities in the news this week. At the top of the list, sportscaster Caroline Thatcher (daughter of Margaret) and her repeated calling of a bi-racial tennis player as a ‘golliwog.‘ Pullum examines how Thatcher’s employment of the term confirms Thatcher’s racist use of the word (i.e. calling the bi-racial player a ‘half golliwog’) and the British public’s reluctance to address the issue.

Material for the Classroom: Haidy L Geismar at Material World searched the internet and put together a list of syllabi on materiality.

Medicine Gone to the Market: Kalman Applbaum over at Somatosphere wrote a piece on the role marketing has played in taking over pharmaceutical design and research. Kalman uses the suggestive term, “colonization,” which begs the question of which markets pharmaceutical companies are targeting.

Oddly enough, I found this student project on one of my old favorite 20-something post-ironic blog philebrity (if you live in philly and want to be coolish, check it out). A group of Temple University students produced this short video on the Philly neighborhood/’language community’ of Fishtown and the potential effects of gentrification and a new casiNO coming (or not, fingers crossed!) to the neighborhood.

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