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Rich Guys Do it Better: File it under “Sociobiologists and evolutionary biologists say the wackiest things.” Um, isn’t this file getting a little fat? The Times (London) reported on a new study that argues that women are more attracted to rich men and have better sex with them. Maybe it’s too obvious to make (one of the many possible) jokes about this. I’ll let Jezebel do it for me. Oh yes, and not only can rich men give women better pleasure, apparently they can influence the number of male children they can have with their female partners. Um, have these second researchers ever heard of Henry VIII?

A New Tune comes to Sociology Class: Tony at muses on the role of music in community formation, shared songs as a tool for pedagogy, the decline of music and arts education in the U.S., and the new cultural icons for this generation of undergraduates. It’s all connected, I promise.

Hot off the Web: Internet sociality researcher/open access advocate/voice of the future danah boyd released her freshly minted dissertation on her popular blog apophenia. From its abstract, boyd’s dissertation proposes that social networking sites like facebook and myspace exist in a tension between emerging networked publics of adolescent users and the anxiety of new-media apprehensive parents.

Looking Ahead Stays stuck in the Past: Greg Beato at The Smart Set reports that the only print product not suffering a sales drop in the digital era is the calendar. Ironically…

Newspaper and magazine companies are giving away products that people once paid for, and they can still barely retain an audience. The music business has turned itself into the T-shirt-sales-and-license-your-song-to-Target business because people won’t buy albums anymore. Calendar publishers are charging $13.99 for a product people used to get for free, and consumers can’t get enough of them

Beato suggests that while the availability of leisure and consumer activities become available at all hours and digital time keeping keeps people in a ever-passing present, but “clunky” calendars might be the last line of defense against losing all sense of time.

Some Respect for the Dutch: Third Tone Devil at Culture Matters speculated on why the Dutch media treats anthropologists as public intellectuals and scholars while the Australian press is not particularly interested in anthropologists’ opinions.

It was all a cartoon after all…Slate ran a retrospective slideshow of the best political cartoons of George W. Bush. I am ready for the one of Bush opening the presidential library. Actually, I’m ready for the cartoon of Bush using a library.

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