Savage Minds on Twitter

Apropos of Rex’s last post, I realized I’d been delinquent in my plans to set up a Savage Minds twitter feed for people who wish to follow the blog on Twitter. It is just a bot which posts our RSS feed to twitter, but it might be useful for some of you. Here’s the link.

I’m not going to defend Twitter. I happen to enjoy it, but then I still can’t figure out why people buy virtual property in Second Life… I do recommend this NY Times article to people who are trying to understand the Twitter phenomenon. And here is a piece about the role Twitter played in reporting on the Mumbai attacks.

At this year’s AAA in San Francisco I met up with at least four people whom I would probably not have seen were it not for Twitter. (At other conferences I’ve attended there is often some great backchannel discussion on Twitter. Unfortunately the AAA’s lousy WiFi service didn’t extend to the conference rooms.) If you’re on Twitter, feel free to follow me.