A Grumpy ‘Counterdiscourse’

This interview with Marshall Sahlins has been noted by other Minds before. All of the Foucault-talk in our summer reading circle reminded me of it, as well as other quasi-notorious Sahlins commentaries. I quote a particularly lively provocation, just for fun:

there has been too much appropriation of inappropriate stuff. When Foucault writes about discipline and capillary power in early modern Western history, anthropologists pick it up and use it to think the institutions of every and any society. In the event, this poststructuralism becomes a paranoid style neofunctionalism: everything-family, kinship, second-person Vietnamese pronouns, Brazilian workers’ housing, Korean shamanism-is reduced to a power function. For myself, I think that anthropologists who have had the experience of cultural-ontological differences should not give a Foucault.