Oneman’s New Job

Oneman was one of the first anthropology bloggers I found on the web, and the idea of working together with him was one of the major motivations for starting Savage Minds. His posts have also consistently been some of the most popular posts on Savage Minds. So it is with great sadness that we bid him adieu.

No one wants to slave away as an adjunct forever, and so I we are happy that Oneman has found a good paying job, although regular readers will be somewhat surprised that he would take employment with the Department of Homeland Security; but when Oneman explained it to us it made sense. After all, if anthropologists are going to be working closely with the intelligence community, it is important that someone who understands the ethical dilemmas associated with such collaboration be on hand to mediate between the two communities. Yet it is unfortunate that the sensitive nature of his new duties will make it impossible for Oneman to continue blogging.

It would simply require too much self-censorship, and probably even require him to submit his blog entries to his new bosses for approval. Oneman feels, and the rest of us at Savage Minds agree, that such government intervention in the content of our blog would fundamentally alter the open access climate we are attempting to promote here. With that in mind, we understand why Oneman wishes to withdrawal from our community, and we wish him the best of luck.

We know that some of our readers will not be so understanding, and will likely view Oneman’s career change as a betrayal; but before you shout “Judas” in the comments, please take a moment to reflect on Oneman’s many thoughtful posts on the topic and ask whether you would rather have our government working with the most gung-ho neo-imperialists in our discipline or with someone whose values better reflect your own?

3 thoughts on “Oneman’s New Job

  1. I’ll refrain from gloating and just add that I’m glad to hear that Oneman has left the Dark Side and given up his silly hand wringing about the great work being done by all of us doing Patriotic Anthropology. We are at war whether we like it or not, and this war means we all have to set ethics aside and help the state search for the enemies at home and abroad.

    The hundreds of us anthropologists working for Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, NSA and other patriot governmental agencies need the rest of you to join us. We are doing cutting edge anthropology built on the foundational work of Evans-Pritchard, Radcliffe-Brown and other greats. We are at war and it is time to take you cultural knowledge and turn it over to the state.

    Join us! We are at war. Don’t listen to the babies who are crying about “secrecy.” All anthropologists use secrecy, we are no different than every other anthropologists who use secrecy every day! You should rest assured that Oneman can change Homeland Security from the inside. His personal ethical views will help change the agency from within, this is how change occurs. When more of you join us, you will see that we all care about other cultures and ethic stuff. We are not all Republicans, some of us are Democratcs and we care about homos and daycare and soccer moms, but we all know we are at war and our country needs us.

    Oneman, because you recognize that we are at war, we can set aside our differences and work together against all the terrorists. All of them! We welcome you Oneman, and we welcome all who will soon follow.

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