Thanks, folks

Thanks in advance to Savage Minds participants for this virtual conversation, and thanks in particular to Tom Strong for the invitation. This is an introductory test message, to check whether I understand how this software works…

The pretext for my being here is the November 2006 AE Forum on the special problems ethnographers face in negotiating with IRBs, especially given the expansion and intensification of IRB scrutiny over the past several years.  Over the next few weeks, my aim will be to raise questions and to make a stab at being informative.  I’ve read previous SM posts concerning IRBs and ethnography with interest and will pick up some of the themes raised earlier, but will also move off in other directions.  For example, we have lots (and lots) of horror stories and worst case scenarios, and while we need good critical analysis of all that, we also need reports on survival strategies.  I’ll provide some; consider this an invitation to login with your own.  


I’m Professor of Anthropology at Princeton University. I’ve blogged here about the disconnection between ethnographic field ethics and ethics regulation compliance, and advocated hither and ton for humanistic social studies in regulatory ethics contexts. Otherwise, I’ve done fieldwork in Highland Papua New Guinea (sociality, gender, exchange, historicity) and on knowledge cultures in the US academy (anthropology, historiography, sociology, experimental psychology).

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