Friday Funnies: Paris Hilton, Situationist?

Parishiltoncover.jpgI subscribe to a ‘director’ at YouTube called ‘visualanthropology.’ A video popped up in the feed recently of some guys sitting around riffing off Paris Hilton and coming up with the idea that she is a Situationist. I thought the notion rather absurd and for some reason felt motivated to write a comment — and am now having a funny/serious discussion about ‘reading’ pop culture with someone who claims to have claimed that Paris Hilton is an anthropologist. Silly, but it’s Friday.

3 thoughts on “Friday Funnies: Paris Hilton, Situationist?

  1. You know I used to claim that Paris Hilton was proof of the feasibility of an open access business model. “How are we going make any money,” some would ask, “if we just _give away_ video tapes of people having sex instead _selling them_ for money?” But from this case its clear that you need to give it away if you want to be a pop icon.

    Eventually I realized analogizing open access to Paris Hilton was just not on, so now I use the viral spread of Mike’s video as my example. Only one of the many things that Mike and Paris share, I’m sure… 😉

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