AAA Open Access T-shirts

Ladies and Gentlepersons, introducing the official AAA Open Access promotional T-shirts. I intend to bring as many as I can with me… assuming they ship in a timely fashion… but meanwhile, order your own to show support! Designs by ckelty and rex…

Forgive me for pimping our cause with this zazzle flash bullshit… but you have to admit it is kind of cool…


Christopher M. Kelty is a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. He has a joint appointment in the Institute for Society and Genetics, the department of Information Studies and the Department of Anthropology. His research focuses on the cultural significance of information technology, especially in science and engineering. He is the author most recently of Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software (Duke University Press, 2008), as well as numerous articles on open source and free software, including its impact on education, nanotechnology, the life sciences, and issues of peer review and research process in the sciences and in the humanities.

10 thoughts on “AAA Open Access T-shirts

  1. To be fair the “Anthropology 2.0” tshirt is the inspired work of a close friend of mine, who can step up and take credit on the blog if he wishes to shuck off the cloak of anonymity…

  2. Anthropology wants to be free!

    Great shirts — I may have to pick up a couple. The anth 2.0 is a classic — your mother’s brother’s nephew’s blogfriend did themselves proud.

  3. we should also say that we are selling these tshirts at cost — they’re nonprofit (for us at least, I’m sure Zazzle does alright by them).

  4. OK my official line now is “ZAZZLE SUCKS”. They’ve taken down the designs because they ostensibly violate the “rights of publicity/celebrity” of the personages depicted. Don’t choke on the irony. Not only is this cowardly and weak-spined behavior, it’s extremely incovenient. Apparently its okay to put up t-shirts with images of Einstein, marilyn monroe, jfk, bush, etc. but not of anthropologists. arg.

    if anyone has any suggestions, quicklike, let me know.

  5. That sucks — though my favorites were missing from the lineup (doesn’t FH Cushing want to share? What about Boas?!). How about putting the full-res images up online so that people can print iron-ons, stickers, street stencils, billboards, bus wrappers, etc.?

    Now all we have to do is figure out what “rights of celebrity” are — is that the 93rd Amendment? Maybe someone should ask Zazzle to “think different” about the damage they think these shirts could do to Mauss’ reputation…

  6. the “not your mother’s brother’s anthropology” line is so great, it should go on all the shirts, don’t you think? maybe under the website?

  7. Dumb question. Can you please tell me what plug-in you used to embed your zazzle flash into your WordPress blog?

    None of the plug-ins I’ve tried have been successful. Thanks

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