Who’s down with OAA?

It got buried in the comments section of the last post on this topic, so I thought I should give it more prominent display:

We’ve set up a wiki to promote Open Access Anthropology.

I’ve already copied and pasted some stuff from what Alex and I have written, but a lot more needs to be done. Please help make this page the bestest wiki page ever!

Then we need to find ways to promote the wiki URL (http://openaccessanthropology.org) at the AAA. I was thinking stickers or rubber stamps that we could hand out and stick on everyone’s programs. I’d be willing to chip in on the cost if someone would be willing to organize designing and printing the stickers in time for San Jose.

UPDATE: Thanks to Kambiz for hosting our new URL!

UPDATE: http://openaccessanthropology.org is now live!

3 thoughts on “Who’s down with OAA?

  1. Excellent idea Kerim! Why don’t you move this wiki to the domain OpenAccessAnthropology.org? That domain is available, as is the .com and .net derivatives. It’s a much easier URL to remember.

  2. If someone wants to register the domain, set up a wiki and move the content over, be my guest. I just don’t have the time and energy to do that. The other thing would be to register the domain name and point it at the current web page. Either way I’d be happy!

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