Mailbag Full of Links

A brief list of links that have been collecting in my inbox this summer, apologies for not giving them each the individual treatment they deserve:

  • Cartographic Anxieties is a currently a repository for writings by zamzamah from Pakistan, but may grow into a blog over time…
  • Contraposicion is a bilingual (Spanish and English) blog by Alberto on “Anthropology, Left Wittgensteinianism and the Political Contemporary”
  • And Benny Peiser forwards me a few more articles in support of his criticism of Collapse.

One thought on “Mailbag Full of Links

  1. MASN, the Moving Anthropology Student Network/ Moving Anthropology Social Network, has been founded in 2005 to promote communication, networking and interaction among European ( but also other ) students of social and cultural anthropology ( i.e. ethnology ). Alongside virtual communication via the world wide web, a yearly moving conference (2005 in Austria, 2006 in Croatia) will bring us together in actual life.

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