Please welcome guest blogger Thomas Strong

Please welcome SM’s latest guest blogger Thomas Strong, aka “Strong” (we already have a Thomas on the site!) Strong is a visiting university lecturer in the department of social and cultural anthropology at the University of Helsinki. He has previously held research posts at the University of California, San Francisco, the University of Wisconsin, and (oddly enough) the American Academy of Ophthalmology. His publications include essays on the symbolism of blood and body in the U.S. and elsewhere, new cross-disciplinary work on kinship, and ideas of culture loss and bodily detumescence amongst the Dano-speakers of Papua New Guinea’s eastern highlands province. His on-going research in PNG concerns transformations in sociality, gender relations, and personhood following the mid-twentieth-century repudiation of the traditional men’s cult in the upper Asaro valley. His other interests include ‘brand’ as an ethnographic and analytic concept, HIV/AIDS (especially in the U.S. gay male community), and celebrity/fame.

Strong is a good friend of mine from Back In The Day, and we did fieldwork at the same time in Papua New Guinea, and I look forward to see him guest blog here on Savage Minds. Welcome aboard, Strong!


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