Alternative Economies

Many moons ago, I asked for help with a course I was putting together on Alternative Economies and many SM readers and contributors responded with terrific suggestions. I promised I’d post the syllabus shortly thereafter, but instead it lumped along, half-written, for months. Well, the semester began a few weeks ago, at which point I was obviously done with writing the syllabus, but then I had to learn how to post documents (thanks Kerim and Rex!), and then I had to, ahem, put theory and practice together in re: posting documents. Anyway… “here”:/wp-content/image-upload/AltEcon.doc it is at long last.

Special thanks to Rex for mentioning the Sunstein review of Freakonomics (and for those of you worried about my students’ tender sensibilities, my teaching persona is rather different from my blogter-ego: I don’t have a princessy moniker, for one thing, and I don’t rip apart assigned material, for another) and to Timothy Burke for recommending Congo/Paris which became a suggested text. The Keith Hart was already on my syllabus before Rex mentioned it here, but anything else you see on here that came up in the discussion (or that might have been on syllabi SMers shared with me) is almost certainly courtesy of the Savage Minds reading and writing public. Many thanks.

As a bonus for interested folks, I also append “here”:/wp-content/image-upload/Anthr230toSM.doc the syllabus for the Anthro of Science, Technology, and the Environment mega-course I’m leading at the same time. Happy winter semester, everybody.

5 thoughts on “Alternative Economies

  1. Not sure if this counts as “alternative” but Janet Roitman´s work on smuggling, (il)legality, and ´incivisme fiscal´ in Cameroon and Chad is quite interesting.

    As for *really* alternative economies, check out Martin Holbraad´s work on Ifá cults in Cuba. Particularly: (2005) Expending multiplicity: money in Cuban Ifá cults’, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (N.S.), 11(2): 231-254.

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