Googling Levi-Strauss on Freud

I’ve been playing around with Google Print, and it is amazing. I’ve already found several books I’m likely to buy as a result. I won’t go into how stupid the lawsuits are, as that’s been well covered elsewhere. But I think it is worth showing just a few examples of how useful this can be. For instance, suppose you wanted to find all instances of the word “Freud” in Levi-Strauss’ work. Unfortunately, not all his books have been scanned yet, but this search will get you results from seven of his books, and this one will search just within Totemism.

In addition to limiting searches to an author, you can also limit searches to a year. Like this search for both Freud and Levi-Strauss in books written during the 1960s. Not surprisingly, this turns up a quote on page three of Turner’s The Ritual Process.

Most books limit your ability to browse page-by-page, but older books which are in the public domain have no such limitation. I wasn’t able to figure out how to limit a search to only public domain books, except by looking for older books. For instance, Boas’ early Chinook Texts (which I found by looking for Boas books published before 1900) is in the public domain.

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  1. Would it have the magical power of telling you if Arthur C. Danto ever published anything on structuralism? I´ve always wondered, just on the thought that if he had written any kind of treatment of it it would be well worth reading.

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