I’ll show you mine if…

Since Ozma is speaking of syllabi, I’ll share mine. Two of my syllabi are now up on my website, an “introduction to cultural anthropology”:http://alex.golub.name/res/HPUAnthro2000Fall2005.pdf course and a course on “the anthropology of virtual worlds”:http://alex.golub.name/res/HPUAnthro3830Fall2005.pdf.

So, what are you teaching this semester?


Alex Golub is an associate professor of anthropology at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. His book Leviathans at The Gold Mine has been published by Duke University Press. You can contact him at rex@savageminds.org

3 thoughts on “I’ll show you mine if…

  1. I keep an experimental classroom blog at http://www.anthrogeeks.com/intro for my Intro to Anthro class. This is the second semester I’ve done this, so I’m recycling some of the posts I managed to do in the Spring and will be attempting to fill in the blanks as this semster progresses — and will probably do so again next semester, as I don’t think I’ll mange to get every topic covered this semester. In any case, syllabi are there, though for an Intro class, there’s not much in the way of creative readings — my texts are chosen for me by the department.

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