2006 AAA Moved to San Jose

A recent press release by the AAA announces that the 2006 meetings, which were originally due to be in San Francisco, have been moved to San Jose.

The bottom line for the AAA leadership was simple: AAA members could not again be subjected to an eleventh hour change that would jeopardize their annual meeting – the signature event on the Association calendar. The labor dispute in San Francisco, now moving into its second year, continues to pose such a threat.

This makes the AAA the fourth academic association to relocate its annual meeting because of the ongoing labor dispute, as Robert O’Brien, a member of the recently appointed AAA Labor Relations Commission pointed out in a recent e-mail:

The American Sociological Association, the Organization of American Historians, and the American Political Science Association moved out of San Fran altogether. The American Educational Research Association is remaining in San Francisco, but has moved all of its events to the Moscone Center, which is not involved in the dispute.

More information on the ongoing strike in San Francisco can be found on the Unite Here! web site.