Brain Boy

When writing my previous post about the National Anthropological Archives and Human Studies Film Archives, I came across the web page of the director, Robert Leopold. On his page he has a link to a page from the 1960s comic book, Brain Boy:


Here is Robert’s description:

He’s a dashing young man with extraordinary powers, an under-cover agent for a clandestine branch of the Secret Service called the Organization of Active Anthropologists. If you read comic books in the early ’60s, you know him as Brain Boy, the studious superhero who appeared in six full-length color comics published by Dell between 1962 and 1963.

Brain Boy was versatile, battling Latin American dictators and extraterrestrials between the covers of a single issue — and always in a suit and tie.

Sounds like the comic book version of “Anthropologists as Counter-Insurgents.”

UPDATE: The B-Log has more.

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