How to read the web like a blogger.

Most people who read Savage Minds do so through our RSS feed, so it seems silly to have a tutorial about how to read RSS feeds. (Currently over 200 people are subscribed to our feed.) However, I figure that some people still haven’t figured it all out, so I thought I’d make it easier.

This will be short:

That’s it.

In time you may wish to set up your own Bloglines account. Then you can read this tutorial, which will guide you through the process.

Over time we will add more feeds to the Bloglines aggregator. And when it goes public I might even switch us over to Feedlounge which looks like it will be very cool!

Personally, I don’t use Bloglines, preferring NetNewsWire on my Mac. (Which can actually sync with Bloglines, although I haven’t tried that.)

For more information on RSS feeds, see all the posts in the “feeds” category on my blog.