CiteULike and Anthrosource are Friends

I don’t exactly know where I found the time to do this, and something else, like my child or my career, will no doubt suffer, but here it is: you can now Cite What U Like at CiteULike from Anthrosource. Thanks to Alex, Kerim and Bob Offer-Westort for help in putting it together. ( Oh, and Richard Cameron, of CiteULike, of course, who helped clarify obscurities involving whitespace. Which in some departments might get him a PhD .)

So, try it out, my folksonomic researching fiends.


Christopher M. Kelty is a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. He has a joint appointment in the Institute for Society and Genetics, the department of Information Studies and the Department of Anthropology. His research focuses on the cultural significance of information technology, especially in science and engineering. He is the author most recently of Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software (Duke University Press, 2008), as well as numerous articles on open source and free software, including its impact on education, nanotechnology, the life sciences, and issues of peer review and research process in the sciences and in the humanities.

8 thoughts on “CiteULike and Anthrosource are Friends

  1. Lies. Dastardly lies.

    This is pretty much Chris’ and Kerim’s baby. I wrote two e-mails about things I was going to do, but didn’t even get started before the project was complete.

    Way to go, Messrs. Kelty and Friedman! Thank you.

  2. And I should make it clear that Chris did all the hard work. I’ve been testing it out and it works great! Thanks Chris!

  3. I can vouch that Chris in fact did all of the work. This doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t get all the credit, though… 😉

    Seriously though, thanks for making this happen, Chris!

  4. Congrats guys. I have no idea what any of you are talking about ’cause I don’t know nothin’ about this fancy shmancy techy stuff, but congrats anyway. Maybe I’ll thank you someday when I actually figure out how to use all that stuff.

  5. Same here nancy, anybody wanna give a little more indepth demonstration of how one would use this and why? Bsides what has been posted here already? Just saying…

  6. Chris, like you weren’t a good enough thesis advisor. Now you go ahead and make millions of anthropods lives easier. iIfeel like reviving the techo-utopian literature just because of this new widget. ok perhaps i should not go that far, but thanks, this is super-duper 🙂


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