The Savage Minds Reading List

Although I can’t add links to journal articles that are only listed in AnthroSource, I have been compiling a list of all the books and articles that have been mentioned in Savage Minds over the past month. The list is surprisingly long, considering the short life of this blog! And I don’t even think I got all of them.

Please help maintain the list. If you post something, or read something in Savage Minds that isn’t listed, just bookmark it in CiteULike and add the tag: “savageminds”. (And please don’t use that tag for anything that isn’t mentioned in a blog post – there is also the tag “anthropology” that can be used for non SM anthropology related items.)


One thought on “The Savage Minds Reading List

  1. Awesome idea, Kerim. Sort of a unique, twisted, but telling portrait of what folks here are thinking about. Thanks.

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