Around the Web Digest- November 21

So after a week of visiting family for Thanksgiving and slowly accepting the crushing weight of neoliberalism that came crashing down in 2016. I come back with readings to begin the last month of the year.

American Ethnologist posts an interview with Lila Abu-lughod on the impact of her groundbreaking work and reflections on the aftermath of unstable times.

Post-Thanksgiving, Anne Keala-Kelly considers the role of media like Disney in erasing colonialism and the realities of indigenous life throughout the world.

A piece that only gains relevance in the past few weeks, Current Affairs illustrates the history and importance of “political vulgarity”. Your newly nihilistic friends and family may enjoy you validating their frustrations as subversions of the current political climate.

If you need a gift idea for the ethnographer in mind, Public Books released a list of novels based on anthropologists (ignore the cringe inducing first paragraph).

Are you a dirty liberal professor trying to indoctrinate pure American youth with your vile leftist propaganda? Well if you are, I hope you stand strong as the spectre of Joseph McCarthy looms over us once again.

Enjoy the first days of December!