Around the Web Digest- October 3

As I continuously wait for the US to abolish Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples’ Day, here are your readings for the week.

All throughout Mexico, indigenous knowledge surrounding agriculture and foodways provide valuable insight into sustainable futures. Biodiversity, alternative proteins, and landscape restoration are nothing new in the age of food insecurity.

Māori women are embracing the Moko Kauae after colonization almost wiped the tattoos away. As Māori women embrace increased political visibility, the facial tattoos embody resistance in a changing state. 

As gentrification in Washington, D.C. continues to increase rent prices and attract predatory developers, the Ethiopian community is quickly being displaced. The security of ethnic enclaves for new immigrants are threatened in this competitive housing market.

The term “Chinese” cuisine erases the vast diversity of styles and flavors that emerge among different Chinese ethnic groups. NPR covers a new exhibit in New York at the Museum of Chinese in America that explores the nuance of regional cuisine in China.

As the aftermath of the Rio Summer 2016 Olympic Games are slowly manifesting, social movements for queer people and feminism are gaining traction in response to growing political violence. 

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One thought on “Around the Web Digest- October 3

  1. In response to Edward Chong’s comment, I’d like to point out that anthropologists who study cultural and ethnic identity should be thinking not only about abolishing Columbus Day and replacing it with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” (the idea I basically support), but also how to provide Italian-Americans with some symbolic substitute. For them Columbus does represent a source of pride (should we abolish “Knights of Columbus” too, rename Columbus Circle in NYC and tear down the statue?) and while left-leaning/PC intellectuals might dismiss this fact, familiar/traditional ethnic symbolism is important and emotionally powerful, and should be handled carefully and with some respect….at least I think so.

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