Around the Web Digest- September 12

Hello everyone! Hope the first few days of Fall are treating you well. Here are some readings to keep you company as the temperature drops.

The fashion industry in Los Angeles, California keeps growing as the market continues to manufacture goods at an explosive rate. In a blog post by Stephanie Canizales in Youth Circulations, the lives of unaccompanied Guatemalan migrant youth in L.A. and how they navigate the harsh labor conditions of the garment industry.

Ghassan Hage on declining an invitation to address the Israeli Anthropological Association: “So to me, the beginning of any decolonial anthropology is to be anti-politicidal. It has to be concerned with how to stop this horrendous violence and how to give presence and political and social power to the colonised.”

As the struggle against DAPL continues, representatives from the Standing Rock Sioux tribe met with the United Nations Human Rights Council to advocate for international support. Eventually UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz stated that DAPL should stop immediately due to the lack of informed consent, environmental degradation to water supplies, and destruction of sacred land.

As major transportation shifts from railways to airlines in India, the culture of sharing meals on train cars among passengers begins to shift. NPR cites chef and anthropologist Kurush Dalal in the socioeconomic shifts in food and travel among India’s growing middle class.

Algorithms are subject to just as much bias as the humans who program them. However, is bias encoded into the basis of the English language itself?

See you next week!